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06 February 2011 @ 06:09 pm
I've revised my sales post, cleaning up most of the clutter and have added new rules. I haven't been able to sell anything before Lunar New Year's last week so I'm still quite desperate to get a lot of these items to good homes. Please feel free to haggle reasonably. The reason why I can't let some items go for so cheaply is because they're rare and are printed on high-quality paper, so I bought them at a very expensive price. If my prices are too high, please negotiate, but please don't be a deadbeat (you'll see all of this in my rules). 

This is possibly my last update since I've sorted out all that I want to sell. I'd be very grateful if anyone would be kind enough to give my items a good home. 

I'm willing to sell my thinner, more expensive doujinshi for $6-$10! 


2 Temari Matsumoto artbooks
2 Ranma 1/2 figurines
Harada Takehito doujin (character designer for Disgaea)
1 Fate/Stay Night doujinshi
1 YuGiOh Seto x Yami doujinshi
Gundam Seed RGB Illustrations
1 Mononoke doujinshi
1 Sayounara Zetsubou-sensei doujinshi

MORE in my journal!

Please click the picture to be directed to my sales post.
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