rubicons_closet (rubicons_closet) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Shopping Service

Hello! I run a shopping service in Hawaii and currently there are new releases only available at our Q-Pot store. If you're a fan of cute and sweet Lolita accessories and jewelry, or just Q-Pot in general, I'll be glad to help you get your fix! I've already done a bit of Valentine's Day shopping for some other people so don't be shy! I'm friendly!

Click the image to see the Valentine's Day product post I've made on my sales page. You can leave me any questions there.


If there are any other things that you were looking for like Asian CDs, dramas, anime or manga, I also shop for those too! If you're not sure, just ask. The worst thing I can say is "We don't have that" or "It's not in stock". n__n

I have 100% positive feedback. Feedback can be found here
Tags: collectibles, fashion: egl, fashion: general
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