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4 Pullips, 1 Dal, 1 Tae, and 1 Cat

okay i have a friend whos getting married in March and she wants me to fly down to FL to be there - so these dolls need to go - they will be sold as is - i will not split them from the outfits/wigs/eyechips they have unless i have a buyer for both - shipping is not included - i do not have any of their boxes because all of these are second hand dolls - please ask any and all questions - willing to trade any of these for Edward Scisorhands (with full stock) or a Hestia's head.

Melize - full stock minus apron - will come as is with card and Metal stand - $80 + shipping

Withered - will come as is - stock wig/scalp, type 1, and eyechips - i dont have any of her original stock - face-up done by previous owner - lips repainted by me - will come with metal Pullip stand - $70 + shipping

Nosferatu - will come with random outfit - stock eyechips and a cut/restyled Rida wig - i dont have any of his original stock - will come with card and metal Taeyang stand - $65 + shipping

Next two are meant to be twins - will sell both for $250 shipped
Alarika - my first custom - she was originally a Raphia - will come as is - curly grey Luts wig, HB obitsu, lip ring, card, and metal Pullip stand - $150 + shipping

Zakia - my second custom - she was originally a Rida - will come as is - straightnd Zuora wig, lip ring, HB obitsu, card, and metal Pullip stand - $125 + shipping

Billi - i have no idea who she was originally but she has a scalp - her face has been customized my Myufish - she will come as is - Raphia wig in GREAT condition, green cat animal eyes, lip ring, ear piercings, type 3 body (lost the type 4 hand and its annoying me) - will come with metal Pullp stand - $80 + shipping

Nikki Kitti - PomPom - will come as is - has her ears pierced - other then that she is like new - does not come with her original box or stock - $90 + shipping

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