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Lost my job closet cleaning!!

I recently lost my job so I am going through some stuff, so any help is appreciated!

Prices listed are preferred,  but feel free to come to me with reasonable offers.



- Prices DO NOT include shipping.  Tell me what you want and give me your zipcode, and I will be glad to give you a quote.   (PM or screen comments with any personal info for your own safety!!)

-Payment through Paypal ( BooHooKitten@Gmail.Com) is preferred.  I really am not in favor of other types of payment, but if your MUST pay another way message me to see if we can work something out.

- No returns, no exchanges.  I have included pictures and descriptions, so make sure you want what you pay for!

I don't have LJ feedback, but I do have eBay feedback:

Clear Gloomy Bear Keychain: $5.00

Pokemon Trozei Charm: $1.00

Japanese Volume 6 of Fruits Basket: $7.00

Sailor Moon Envelope (2 in this style, front and back shown) : $3.00/each

Sailor Moon Envelope (2 in this style, the back is rather plain) : $3.00/each

Sailor Moon Envelope (1 in this style) : $3.00/each

Vampire Knight furoku calender pages and bookmark/card: $5.00

La Corda  furoku calender pages and bookmark/card: $5.00

Japanese Language Newtype Film Book from Cowboy Bebop volume V: $8.00



Gundam Wing pencil tin/case: $3.00  *On Hold*

Stand and outfit 1

Other outfit

Ken from Weis Kreuz dress up stand (It's like colorforms basically, he comes with his flowershop outfit) : $20.00

Pins in box

Pins inside

Saiyuki Reload pin set in box: $10.00

Outside the Case

Pins and inside of case

Saiyuki Case and Pin set: $15.00

Saiyuki Fan Club Pack :  $10.00

Includes:  Official Fan Club Members Card, merchandise flyer, DVD/VHS order form, another media order form, store address map and hours listing, newsletter, staff letter, and four small books with seiyuu interviews, artwork, merchandise offerings, information etc. 

Ouran High School Host Club plastic book cover (the size of Japanese manga) $3.00

Notepad front

Notepad back

Cowboy Bebop Notepad: $3.00

English language film book volume 1 from Cowboy Bebop: $5.00      *On Hold*

(Like the Japanese one listed earlier,  but they started releasing them in America some years later)
Episode synopsis, character illustrations etc. Includes mini poster of Spike.  (Copyright 1998)



Furoku packaging bag

Gals! Furoku item: Plastic shopping back with handles and drawstring: $8.00

La Corda D'oro plastic book cover (the size of Japanese manga) $3.00

Ouran High School Host Club Phone Charms (1 of each type available) : $5.00/each

Sakura Taisen trading/promo cards (I think they were for one of the games)  : $1.00  *On Hold*

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Vintage Japanese Sailor Moon Paper Dolls: $20.00

Kon Plush from Bleach: $10.00

(Not my photo, but it's that exact one and never removed from it's baggie. 
It's the American licensed one from Shounen Jump America)

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