sidequestgames (sidequestgames) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Moving sale!

Hi everyone! I REALLY need to sell a bunch of stuff so that I can easily move to a new place (and I need extra cash lol). All prices are negotiable. Here is some of the stuff that you can find:

-Video games for PS2 (Devil May Cry, Mister Mosquito, .hack, etc), DS (Dragon Quest, The World Ends With You), GBA (Pokemon Sapphire, Kingdom Hearts, Mario Party, Lunar Legend), and a buy 2 used get 1 free sale on disc only games (and there are some really good titles, such as Fatal Frame 2 and 3, Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance, all 3 Kingdom Hearts PS2 games, etc).

-Awesome t shirts featuring Pyramid Head, Dethklok (I also have brand new Dethklok pins and a big sticker for sale), Zelda, The Big Lebowski, The Nightmare Before Christmas, MORE COWBELL!!, and more.

-Super cute sushi and gummi bear earrings that have never been worn.

- Cheap figurines and plushes, including a Sephiroth plush and the discontinued Hiei plush that is really rare.

You can check out my shop HERE Thank you so much for your time
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