Mira (princewicca) wrote in garagesalejapan,

wtb: trading figures/chibi figures/petit nendoroids


I want to buy a couple of small figures for my friend's birthday. At this moment there's no particular series that I'm looking for, so show me any small figures that you have.

Because it's a birthday gift, and I want to get a few for her, I have a limit of $10 per figure, so please do not offer me anything that you're asking more for. The cheaper the better though, this way I can get more than 2-3 figures for her ^^

Preferably figures that still have their box, may be opened, but not damaged (both the box and the figure), box is allowed to be flat though, as to save on shipping box, as long as I can still make the box get back to it's original figure.

I'm in the Netherlands, so sellers within Europe are preferred, but not neccesary, as long as shipping costs are reasonable. Also it'd be even better if you have a couple of figures selling at once, since that'd also save on costs.

I can only spend $25 total right now, however if you have patience for a week and are willing to hold items, I'll be able to spend more then.

So, show me your offers please ^^
Tags: anime
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