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Selling a pair of black circle lenses, green circle lense, and bodyline skirt. [All Sold]

All items sold as of  Feb 25.

Hi there everyone, I am selling a pair of unopened GEO circle lenses in CK109 Black, EOS green circle lenses, and a lolita skirt from bodyline with the Alice print in Sax size medium.

Black GEO Contact Lenses: $20 SHIPPED IN USA SOLD
I bought these pair from my kiwiberry with a group order however I really don't need black so I would like to get rid of it. The contacts include a brand new lense case! I know I'm asking for the same price as the site but please remember that my price already includes shipping. :)
Stock information here:
Kiwiberry's site.

Green EOS circle lenses: $20.00 SHIPPED IN USA (On Hold)
Stock information here:
I bought this pair to replace my GEO ones but realized I don't really need to replace them anytime soon. 

Bodyline Alice Skirt in Sax: $35 SHIPPED IN USA SOLD
The skirt I bought from another lolita so together it has only been worn twice and the second time was by me and I never actually wore it outside of the house. I'm selling it because I don't really wear it at all and I don't have any intention to... ;( Please give it a nice home! The size is a medium according to bodyline website so I would suggest the maximum measurements to be 28" on the waist and 34" on the hips. 

This is a more detailed picture of the skirt:

Tags: !modwarn, fashion: cosplay, fashion: egl, fashion: general
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