halliegirl09 (halliegirl09) wrote in garagesalejapan,

lil sister b-day hunt !!!!! Need CCS figures!!!

hi usually the only reason i make a post is to find stuff for my self or sailor moon related stuff but my lil sister's b-day is coming up quick! and when i asked her what she wanted she said "cardcaptor sakura figures" so im in need off some assistence since ebay is to high for the ones "she " likes lol ^_^ if you have a younger sister you know what i mean. ok so ya if anyone out there has any kind of sakura figure and is willing to let it ok for reasonabley cheap (im not going to expect you to just give it to me no worries) but since it will be a gift i dont want to pay a fortune either ^_^ condition dosent matter as long as long as she isnt missing peices, i would like to have stands but if i can prob her up easiley thats fine to ^_^.

thanks so much for looking
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