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FS: Anime & J-pop CD Blow Out

Hey peeps~  I've been trying to empty out my closet: prices have been lowered from previous plus lots of new j-pop &anime CDs.  Most singles are $3 & most albums $5!  I'll be adding new items every so often as well~

Payment Information

♥  Paypal only, buyer pays Paypal fees.
♥  No trades however feel free to make me an offer regarding price.

Shipping/MISC Information

♥  E-mail me at mariijane (at) or leave a comment below for shipping quotes.
♥  All items are original Japanese releases unless otherwise noted.
♥  Not all items are pictured below.  My camera broke ;___;  Please feel free to request anything listed below however I cannot promise pic quality as they would be taken with my cell phone.


PALM DRIVE feat. BoA - Holiday single $3.00

Ultra Maniac
- Magical Songs  (Geneon release w/romanized lyrics)  $2.00
Love Hina - Hinata Girls Song Best
Sumomomo Momomo ~Chijo Saikyo no Yome~ - Character Songs  $5.00
Megumi Hayashibara - KOIBUMI (Digipack vr) single  $5.00
Ham chanzu - LOVE LOVE ATTACK Dai-Sakusen!  *1st press. w/stickers & 8cm cd  $2.00
Sailor Moon - Ai wa Doko ni Aru no?  *orig. 1992 release
Comic Party (Emi Motoda) - Kimi no Mama de  $2.00
Digi Charat - Welcome!  Katou Hiroki Ver.  *very rare, orig. GCF-001 ver.  $15.00
Sailor Moon - Character Vision  *unique.  a small cd with a plastic ring around it featuring Usagi from each season.  contains four theme songs.  the disc is quite special to look at.  $20.00

Misc J-pop Albums
Nao - go slow $5.00
Hoshii Nanase- Sakura no Hana $5.00
Baby Vox (2) - Baby Vox $3.00
Ai Ostuka - LOVE COOK $15.00 1st press w/slip case & huge photobook
Natsumi Abe - 2nd Shimiwataru Omoi *1st press album w/slip case & set of 3-double sided photo cards $12.00
Yui Horie- sky  *rare 1st press album w/clear digipak & gorgeous full colour mini photo booklet.  disc has light surface scratches but plays with no skips or issues.  $12.00

Kohmi Hirose - welcome-muzik $5.00 (No obi: did not have one when purchased)
Dreams Come True - SING OR DIE $5.00 (International, all English edition, did not come w/obi)
Kiss! Imouto Club - MOE TRIBUTE  $5.00
Berryz Kobou - 3 Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz  $5.00 1st press w/photocard
Mikuni Shimokawa - 392 Best  $5.00

Misc Singles
carezza- Victory  $3.00
Anna inspi'NANA(Black Stones) - rose  $3.00
Digimon Character Singles 02 - Takeru Takaishi & Patamon  $3.00  1st press w/puzzle card & clear disc
Love Hina - Character Disc 3  $3.00
Matsuura Aya - Sougen no Hito $8.00  1st press w/box, picture disc & special tin

Ami Suzuki - THANK YOU 4 EVERY DAY EVERY BODY  *Sony Taiwan ver  $3.00
Ayumi Hamasaki - &
BoA - Don't start now  $3.00
BoA - Every Heart  $3.00
BoA - Valenti  $3.00
Hirahara Ayaka - from to *1st press album w/slipcase  $10.00
Kumi Koda - you  *avex korea ver
Kumi Koda - D.D.D.  *avex korea ver
Kumi Koda - Cherry Girls  *1st press w/sticker 
Maki Goto - Some Boys! Touch 
Maki Goto - Scramble  *1st press
Mai Kuraki - Like a Star in the night  $3.00

melody. - Simple As That  $3.00
melody. - Crystal Love  $3.00
melody. - Next to You  $3.00
m-flo - come again  $3.00
Morning Musume - Koinu no Monogatari
ROMANS - SEXY NIGHT~wasurerarenai kare~
Utada Hikaru - Automatic  $3.00
Utada Hikaru - First Love  $3.00
Utada Hikaru - Addicted to You  $3.00
Utada Hikaru - Sakura Drops  $3.00
8 cm single -
B'z - Ai no Mama ni, Wagamama ni boku wa kimidake wo Kizu Tsukenai  $2.00
Tags: anime, idols: hello! project, music: jpop, music: kpop
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