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Trading figures and charms!

Hello, all! I've got a few trading figures for sale from Clamp and Vocaloid, and some phone charms from Natsume Yuujin-Chou! Please, take a look! ^^


1. Please-please-please, no deadbeats. If you are no longer interested in something, PLEASE tell me so. Don't ask me to take twenty pictures, and then never get back to me. DX
2. I ship as soon as possible, but I live way out in Hickville, so bear with me. ><
3. All items come from a pet-friendly house. >^..^<
4. Prices listed are for shipping in the US ONLY. If you're from outside the US, just ask. ^^
5. Yes, I can haggle. =3

From the Nendoroid Puchi series comes the cute troll Vocaloid Akita Neru! She's about 3 inches tall, and just adorable. Her little tongue is sticking out. Nyah! $15 shipped.

From the Clamp in 3D Land series come Chun Hyang, Takeshi, Miyuki and Okawa. They're about 2.5-3.5 inches tall, and highly detailed. $15 each shipped.

From Natsume Yuujin-Chou comes five Nyanko-Sensei (AKA Madara) keitai (cellphone) straps. Each one has a different expression (winking, flirting, eyes closed, eyes open, and pissy), and different writing. They are hard to find now, even on Japanese sites. $7.50 each shipped.

All items are new, sealed in original plastic, and will be shipped in the original blind box.

Thanks for looking! ^_^
Tags: collectibles, toys
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