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Manga Nihonshi and Eureka/ユリイカ


I'm looking for volumes of Manga Nihonshi published by Asahi last year (old one) and this year (new one), Old or new series, the more you have them the better. I just want them to be in good condition (i'll probably want some pictures). Also i want the extras to be included (few volumes of new series come with posters/postcards if i read that correctly). Also i'm interested in the boxes to store all the volumes.

To emphasize, i'm looking for all volumes (i have non atm). 50 of old one and 18-19 of the new one that are currently out. I'm giving priority to those sellers that want to sale several volumes at the time, other than that i'll take anything you have.

And i'm looking for Eureka/ユリイカ published by Seidosha. I'm interested in majority of it, but not all. Anything that deals with japanese music/mangaka/illustrators/writers is something i more or less want. But other subjects are OK as well (i want to many of these to list them down)
Some exceptions here and there, better said tell me what you've got and i'll tell you if i'm interested or not.
Also don't offer me Abe Yoshitoshi and Arakawa Hiromu issues, i ordered both already and i don’t need doubles :)
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