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!DS : Plushies, Figures, Mangazines and more!

I've added plushies to the sales now! Everything is under 30$! Please have a look!

Feedback for gsj:

Feedback for egl_sales:

Shipping inside Canada:  2$ - 10$ depending on weight and size of item
Shipping to the US: 5$ - 15$ depending on weight and size of item
Shipping International: 10$ - 25$ depending on weight and size of item

I usually ship on a week-day and if I have multiple buyers, I will wait and ship them all at once.
I will notify you when the item has shipped and with a tracking number (if asked for one).
Prices are in Canadian Dollars.
I only accept Paypal.

If you want tracking please let me know as it might cost extra.

First off, Plushies!

L plushie: 

Condition: 5/5
Has been sitting on my plushie shelf.
Brand/Maker: FW
Price: 20$.

Black*Star Plushie:

Condition: 5/5
Has been sitting on my plushie shelf.
Brand/Maker: FW
Price: 20$

Shikamaru Plushie:

Condition: 5/5
Has been sitting on my plushie shelf.
Brand/Maker: Banpresto
Price: 15$

Gin Ichimaru Plushie:

Condition: 5/5
Has been sitting on my plushie shelf.
Brand/Maker: Banpresto
Price: 15$


Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu Figures

Price: Each figure is 7$ or buy all 4 for 20$

Figures have been removed from plastic and displayed.
These are Gashapon figures.
Condition: Like New

Naruto Figures

Naketo Korekutsuyon Naruto vol 1 series mini figure
Price: Mini figure: 4$  Other Figure: 4$
Comes with box and papers
Condition: Like New
Taken out of box and displayed.
I want these gone. If you want, free with any purchase over 20$.

Gurren Lagaan Figumate Nia Figure

Taken out of box, displayed.
Price: 10$
Condition: Like New
Comes with box and plastic she was wrapped in.
Her arms and head move.
(I will dust her/clean her better before shipping. lol )

CLAMP Chess Peices

This set contains Vol 06. white Knight Hikaru Shidou, black Rook Ashura  and a Black Mokona Pawn.

Price: 25$
Figures taken from box, displayed.
Condition: Like New
Will come with box upon request.
Will also come with special art book upon request.

Older Sales:

First off, we have the Figures and Nendoroids!

Kagamine Rin: 30$
Suzumiya Haruhi: 30$
Condition: Like New

Edward Elric Play Arts FMA Action Figure vol 1: 20$

Condition: Like New

Soul Eater Trading Arts Figure vol.2, Stein: 20$

Condition: Like New, taken from plastic package and displayed (I will dust him off better before shipping him off)

Anime Goodies: 

Naruto Sasuke Dogtag Necklace: 3$

Shojo Beat: 

Issues: August 2006, February 2007, January 2008, February 2009, May 2009
Price: 5$ each, or all 5 for 20$
Conditions: Like New, might have a bent corner but all are like new.

Shonen Jump:

Issues:  April 2005, May 2005, July 2005, August 2005, May 2007, April 2008, November 2008
Price:  April 2005: 2$, May 2005: 3$, July 2005, August 2005: 5$ each, May 2007: 2$, April 2008, November 2008: 5$ each
Or buy all 7 for 25$
Conditions: April 2005: 3/5 Cover is dinged but inside is fine. May 2005: 4/5 Cover dinged but not as bad, Insides still fine. May 2007: 3.5/5 Backside cover had writing on face, most gone but still somewhat visible. Writing on one ad page as well, but rest of book is fine.  Rest of the issues are In Like New condition.

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