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120+ Manga Volumes for Sale, *PRICE DROPS AND NEW ITEMS*

I'm always open to negotiating prices, especially on larger orders. Please feel free to make a (reasonable) offer. FEEDBACK:

I accept Paypal, money orders, and possibly well-concealed cash. ALL prices include shipping TO THE USA. International orders will have to pay extra for shipping, because of the high prices to ship to other countries. Buyer will have to pay $1.00 for delivery confirmation + packaging, as well as paypal fees.
-If you don't pay extra for -insurance- and your package gets damaged with MediaMail (my shipping method), I am NOT liable for it! If you're concerned/spending a lot of money, please consider requesting insurance!

I might be interested in trades, but only for Final Fantasy or FullMetal Alchemist merchandise. My collection is large, so it might be hard to find something I don't have. (I'll be fine with shipping out first, lack of feedback, yadayada.)

Series include:
Vampire Knight
Beauty Pop
Hetalia Axis Powers
Captive Hearts
Hayate the Combat Butler
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
We Were There

...and more! Please take a look under the cut!

First, a few non-manga items.

Death Note 'Light Yagami' Nendoroid. SOLD

Death Note L Nendoroid. Found out he's bootlegged. Removed.

(from left to right, top to bottom) Dec 08, Jan 09, Mar 09 (damaged from postal service). (2nd row) Apr 09, May 09, Jun 09. (bottom) July 09. All have wear, but readable. $2 shipped if buying more than one item, $3 otherwise

(from left to right) Aug 09, Sep 09, Oct 09. All have wear, but readable. $2 shipped if buying more than one item, $3 otherwise

This is an official Vampire Knight hardcover journal. I bought it from Borders for $10, it's new and still in the shrink wrap. Asking $6 shipped

This is an official Vampire Knight hardcover sketchbook, larger than the journal. I paid either $15 or $20, I can't remember. It's still in the shrinkwrap, though the wrap was a little torn on the bottom corner when I bought it. Asking $10 shipped


Aishiteruze Baby, Yoko Maki, vol. 1, 2 like new. $5 each, or $9 for both

Beauty Pop, Kiyoko Arai, vol 1-10 [COMPLETE], great condition. Volume 10 still has the stickers intact. $47 for the set

Captive Hearts, Matsuri Hino, vol. 1-5 [COMPLETE SET] like new. Very minor shelf wear. SOLD

Death Note, Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata, vol 1-12 [COMPLETE] like new. Very minor shelf wear, an awesome series. $55 for the set

Death Note, volume 13. Doesn't continue the story line, it's more like a profiles/information book. Good condition, sorta rough from reading. Name card has been opened, but it's still inside. $7, or $6 if bought with Death Note 1-12

Death Note: Another Note, The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, Hardcover. Like new, only read once. Lists for over $15, so asking $10, or $9 if bought with anything from the Death Note series

Death Note: Change the WorLd, Hardcover *BRAND NEW*, never read. Lists for $17.99, asking $12, or $11 if bought with anything from the Death Note series


D.Gray-Man, Katsura Hoshino, vol. 1-3, great cond. Some shelf wear, but only read once. $5 each, or $12 for all 3

Fall in Love Like a Comic, Chitose Yagami, vol. 1,2 [COMPLETE SET] like new. Very minor shelf wear. $5 each, or $9 for both

Hayate the Combat Butler, Kenjiro Hata, vol. 1-14, 16 [NO VOL 15], like new. A few of the volumes have minor shelf wear. Most of these have only been read once. $71 for all 15, or $68 for first 14, and $5 for Vol 16 SOLD

Hetalia Axis Powers, Hidekaz Himaruya, vol. 1,2 like new. Minor shelf wear that was on the volumes when I bought them. These list for $11, so $6 each VOLUME 2 IS SOLD

Heaven's Will (Satoru Takamiya), Short-Tempered Melancholic (Arina Tanemura), and ION (Arina Tanemura). All self-contained volumes, like new. $5 each

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Arina Tanemura, vol. 1-7 [COMPLETE], great cond. Shelf wear on a few of these. SOLD

Love*Com (Lovely Complex), Aya Nakahara, vol. 1-17 [COMPLETE], great cond. Some shelf wear on most of these. Vol 3's back cover has a slight bend on it, and Vol 7's front cover has a weird, small crimp that was on it when I bought it. Must be bought as the set. ON HOLD

LOVELESS, Yun Kouga, vol. 1-8, good cond. Shelf wear on these, they're pretty old. 1, 2, 5, and 6 have dates written in the front covers. $4 each, or $30 for all 8

Mistress Fortune, Arina Tanemura, *BRAND NEW*. Lists for 9, asking $7 alone, or $6 if bought with anything else

Millennium Snow, Bisco Hatori, vol. 1,2 [COMPLETE], like new. I don't think these even have shelf wear, they've only been read once. $9 for both

InuYasha, vol. 1,2 (Rumiko Takahashi, left-to-right), Dragon Ball vol 1 (Akira Toriyama), Fruits Basket vol 1 (Natsuki Takaya), Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion vol 1 (MAJIKO), APPLESEED... not sure where that one came from, I don't know what it is.

InuYasha is extremely old, both volumes have dates written in the front covers. $8 for both, $7 if bought with anything else. All others are in like new condition, maybe some minor shelf wear. $5 for each

Mixed Vegetables, Ayumi Komura, vol. 1-8 [COMPLETE], great cond. Shelf wear on two or three of these, close-up provided. $36 for all 8

Punch, Rie Takada, vol. 1,2, great condition. Minor shelf wear. $5 each, or $9 or both

Rasetsu, Chika Shiomi, vol. 1-7, like new condition. Minor shelf wear on one or two volumes. $32 for all 7, $30 if bought with Yurara

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, CLAMP, vol. 1-18, 26. Great condition, vol 26 is brand new, never read. Shelf wear on a few of these, vol 5's cover is slightly bent. These list for $11, asking $92 for all 19, or $83 for 1-18 and $8 for vol 26

Time Stranger Kyoko, Arina Tanemura, vol. 1-3 [COMPLETE] like new. Very minor shelf wear, only read once. $14 for all 3

WANTED, Matsuri Hino, like new. Tiny shelf wear on the back cover, was there when purchased. SOLD

We Were There, Yuki Obata, vol. 1-9, great cond. Slight shelf wear. Vol 8 has a slight tear on the back cover, Vol 4 has a pen mark on the spine. $40 for all 9

Yume Kira Dream Shoppe, Aqua Mizuto, NEW. SOLD

Yurara, Chika Shiomi, vol 1-5, like new cond. Maybe very minor shelf wear. $22 for all 5, or $21 if bought with Rasetsu

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