joichi_maki (joichi_maki) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Nurarihyon Preorder: CLOSED

NURARIHYON Sweets Collection

I have also pre-ordered the boxset of ADORABLE! Nurarihyon no Mago chibi figures, and need to split with other interested party. Shipping will be decided depending on country.

NEW: The items are now (in stock) and ready for purchase.
Total price: $48 USD
Each Character price is: $6 (shipping not included)

(Avaliable) - 8 characters per box. Will order a 2nd boxset to fill up the missing spots.

1. Night Rikuo & sakuramochi: --- princewicca candysweett
2. Yuki Onna & shaved ice: --- princewicca
3. Kubinashi & anmitsu --- candysweett
4. Zen & momiji manju ---
5. Kurotabo & sanshoku dango rokusabarou
6. Karase Tengu & norisenbei
Tags: collectibles, toys, wanted
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