Eulbreve (kuinemure) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling Gab magazine for $2 each (w/ Free Gift) + the GazettE new DVD (Bonus Calendar)

Selling Gab magazine from issue 39 to issue 49 at $2 for each book.

For every 3 book purchase and above, a Zeal Link message DVD featuring many active visual kei bands, Dog in the PWO Like an Edison sample CD, D=Out Photocards, a PSC Phamplet , a Ruki Poster or a Wizard Fileset  will be included FREE! (1 random Freebie)

For feedbacks, you can check it out at

Please send an email over to for more information. Thanks!

News No. 2

If anybody who wish to purchase the GazettE/THE NAMELESS LIBERTY AT10.12.26 TOKYO DOME DVD (Initial and normal press) release on 6th April and wants a Zeal Link exclusive wall calendar (A5 size from April 2011 ~ March 2011) included as a bonus. Please send me a mail too for more details regarding the cost and shipping.

Thanks for viewing.
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