S e y h i s a n ★ B l o o d l i n e (ladylale) wrote in garagesalejapan,
S e y h i s a n ★ B l o o d l i n e

taking offers on 2011 Sakura Starbucks Bearista from Japan

offers end at midnight PST
(click 'midnight PST' for countdown timer)
I bought this a couple weeks ago as an impulse buy after someone made a post about them. It was purchased from a seller located in Japan. However, now that I have it, it just doesn't fit in with the other stuffed animals that I collect. So I'm looking for someone to give her a new home. :( She is lovely and in brand new condition, since she has only sat on a bookshelf wrapped in cellophane for the short time I have had her.

I am only really looking to make back the money I spent on her, so offers will begin at $30 Shipped in the US (less than what I payed for her, these go for around $40+ including shipping on ebay, and you are ensured this is NOT a bootleg as you might run into on one ebay) and go until
midnight PST (click for countdown timer). Please post your offers as a comment to this post, and I will end taking offers at midnight tonight. I will refuse to sell if offers do not go high enough.

Shipping is free for US Buyers. Canada, add $1.50; Other International, add $2.50.
I will ship her in a small box wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap, and will have a card taped over her tag to insure its safety.

Serious buyers only please! I've had too many buyers impulse buy and complain about shipping when I have clearly stated shipping logistics in the rules. Please offer only with money you have; I cannot babysit your wallet for you.

Thank you. ♥

Guess I'm puttin' this baby up on ebay then... speak now or forever hold your peace.
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