Alexon Charm (alexon_charm) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Alexon Charm

Selling tons of Anime/Manga!

Having a sort of sale at the moment, I've reduced prices on nearly all items. :) Also if you have purchased something from me before AND left feedback here as of 3/29/11 then you get a dollar off for every 1 feedback left(so if you left 2 then you get 2 dollars off and so on) if you buy something in this post as a thank-you from me. ^^

(Picture is of actual items)
Click picture or HERE @ alex_sales

Titles include:
Ultimate Venus
Wild Act
Bloody Kiss
Millennium Snow
Vampire Knight
Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives
High School Debut
Shugo Chara!
Death Note
Sailor Moon

and more!

Please take a look if interested! :)
I will probably be adding more as the week goes on.

Sorry if you see this more than once. ^^;
Tags: anime, doujinshi, manga: english
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