joichi_maki (joichi_maki) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Mini Sale: Kuroshitsuji Figures and Anime Posters

Just a small sale for these items, I wish I give to someone else; there will be discounts on shipping:

Double-sided A2 Posters (from Animage) -with shipping included in price... check it out

(Special) K-ON and the Macross Frontier movie poster: $7

HETALIA - France, UK (with chibi Japan and Italy) and Star Driver Takuto: $5
-lower price; due to a slight tear on the left edge:

Selling off my last Kuroshitsuji Prop Petit set (Prefer to have them all sold as sets)

(shipping will be around $4-$6, depending on country)

- Ciel Phantomhive (+ teacup)
- Alois Trancy (+ ring)
- Claude (+ glasses)
- Agni (+ chai tea)

I have a positive history of buyer's feedback, please leave one there if you ordered something from me:
Tags: anime, collectibles, posters, toys
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