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More Listings!

Hey guys, thank you so much for the support so far! What's sold has helped me pay for some of the medical bills, but lots more are on the way (bills for 2 MRIs -_-;). So I've started to re-go through everything I own and am starting to add even more items to sell to help cover them! It's Spring cleaning for bills, yay? Anyway, here's a sample of what's listed now:

★ NEW! Revolutionary Girl Utena COMPLETE SET (vol 1-6 opened, APOCALYPSE saga SEALED)
★ NEW! PSP Basic System w/ charger & memory card bonus
★ NEW! Wii - Little King's Story - $15
★ NEW! RARE OOP! Devil Hunter Yohko (魔物ハンター妖子) ANIME V SPECIAL Gakken Mook Artbook
★ NEW! The Art of Howl's Moving Castle (ハウルの動く城) GHIBLI THE ART

And a LOT of more, including new yaoi titles, L'Arc~en~Ciel OOP LTE editions, and some audiobooks. Plus! A price drop on the CDs listed.

Please take a look at the listing I have here! On most of the prices I am willing to negotiate ♥

Please, US orders only. I know I have taken international orders in the past, but it has become complicated to look up the prices and being in the state of health I'm in, it makes it really hard for me to deal with at the moment, as I cannot stand or sit up for long periods of time. Most of my communication now is done via my iTouch as I am laying down, but the USPS website is not mobile friendly to get the International prices, which means getting up and down, up and down to get you guys quotes, and my injured neck is making me pay the price.
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