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Some video game and anime stuff for sale

I'm selling some video game and anime things. I'm taking offers on everything just cause I need funds and space in my room. As long as the offers are reasonable I will most likely take them. I'm also willing to trade for some specific CLAMP items. I'll put a link to the want list at the bottom. Some of the things I have for sale are:

Parasite Eve Greatest Hits (PS1)
Legend of Zelda DS Games
Various Stategy Guides
Various Soundtracks

Samurai Champloo COMPLETE
Chobits 1-6
AzuManga Daioh vol 1
Battle Vixens vol 1-4
Q-Ko chan vol 1
FullMetal Alchemist novel vol 1
Devil May Cry vol 1
Princess Ai artbook/postcard book
Afro Samurai season 1 Director's Cut DVD

Here's a link to my journal which has pictures of some (not all) items. If you want something and it doesn't have a picture I will provide it upon request.

Also here is a link to all the CLAMP items I'm interested in. I'll trade for any of these things.

So make me an offer! Any offer at all ^_^ Thank a lot!! ^_^
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