Phantom Ghost Girl.Name: Mary. (phantomggirl) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Phantom Ghost Girl.Name: Mary.

Group buy? Also, some rare Pokemon shirts and Final Fantasy plushies for sale

I was wondering if anyone would like to group buy this Cremy Mami Fancy LaLa lot? I'm new to GA's, but basicly, you would pay for your figures, and shiping from the site to me, and me to you. The 3 Creamy Mami figures are up for claims, I would be claiming the 3 Fancy Lala figures. Shipping would be $5, and then shipping to you. Sorry if I'm doing anything wrong, if so tell me. This is a simple group buy, if you back out you will get negative feedback. I don't want anyone backing out, this isen't expencive but I can't aford to have anyone backing out. Also, if you would like all 3 Creamy Mami figures thare will be a discount.

Creamy Mami blue figure: $10
Creamy Mami purple figure: $10
Creamy Mami cats: $10
Also, Pokemon shirts and Final Fantasy plushies for sale.
Pokemon Tour shirts, all new, extra large size.
Pokabu : $30
Reshiram: $39
Zekrom: $30
Final Fantasy plushies. I do not know the names of these but they are rare, and about 8 inches, nicely made.
Guy with hat, blue cape:$20
Girl with yellow outfit, big eyes and dark hair: $30
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