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Yaoi manga in English

I have a brand new copy of 'Under Grand Hotel Vol.2 by Mika Sadahiro' up for trade (In English). It's still in plastic. It was a gift, but I already have a copy. 
I would love to trade it for a yaoi manga in English I don't have (Used is fine too, as long as it is not falling apart). I'm in Europe.
My feedback.

Some missing titles (There are probably more)

801 Media:
• Dog x Cat
• Deeply Loving A Maniac
• I've Moved Next Door To You
• Maniac Shorts Shot
• On Bended Knee

Doki Doki:
• Cool/Uncool
• Double Cast
• A Bloody Kiss Tonight
• Living for Tomorrow

• A Fallen Saint's Kiss
• A Liar in Love
• A Place in the Sun
• An Even More Beautiful Lie
• Alice the 101st
• Awaken Forest
• Candy
• Ciao Ciao Bambino
• Clear Skies
• Desire Sensibility
• Endless Comfort
• Exotic and Delicious Fate
• Garden Sky
• Honey/Chocolate
• Honey Chocolate Pancakes
• Hot Limit
• Kizuna Deluxe Edition 1
• Kurashina-sensei's Passion
• La Satanica
• Love Control
• Love Potion
• Love Share
• Lover's Pledge
• Loving Gaze
• Midnight Bloom
• Moonlit Promises
• No Touching at All
• Only Serious About You
• Passionate Theory
• Right Here, Right Now
• Spiral of Sand
• The Way To Heaven
• Then Comes Love
• This Night's Everything
• Today's Ulterior Motives
• Tomorrow's Ulterior Motives
• Unsophisticated and Rude
• Where Has Love Gone

Deux press:
• Kirepapa

Kitty media:

• Gay's Anatomy
Net comics:

• Honey Senior, Darling Junior

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