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loli things for sale! (also, Fruits, Inuyasha DVD, and Pokemon items still for sale!)

I have some lovely lolita items for sale! Shipping from USA, concealed cash =wonderful! Will ship anywhere ^^
Trades are great, I'm looking for cheap Kodona-ish items, or cheap jrock things.

Description and images behind cut.


Lolita dress, dark navy w/ white fabric lace, DIY. Comes with matching headpiece (shown, looped over the top of the hanger in the first pic) Worn only once, then taken to a cleaners. Fits up to 40" bust and around 32" waist (It looks fine on me too, at 36"27"38") Second layer will bring it to just past the knees, shorter if you are taller than 5'5"

 Do you like this dress? I have lots of leftover fabric from it. If you are my size (see above) or smaller, I can make you one. (full size pics from last summer (before I cut my hair!): front http://tinypic.com/i4k1s8.jpg and back http://tinypic.com/i4k1v7.jpg )


Photo with the flash on. Size varies, B is the largest, then A, C, D. (I wish I could have gotten a better pic of C, because it's got a really gorgeous heart bead at the top with a lot of scrollind detail) All have aheavy wire base and and thin wire for the rest. Made with a mix of glass, plastic and metal beads. More can be made, but not the same accent colors, since a lot of these beads are over 20 years old and not in a large quantity. Availble in all white/clear, accent blue, accent light blue and accent dark pink. Can be fastened on with a few bobby pins!

Crown A.

Crown C


FRUITS &ANIME (Inuyasha, Pokemon toys/plush, etc)

Please comment here if you are interested!


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