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Offering SHOPPINGSERVICE for OnePiece Dome Tour!

Dear fellow fans,

As a big OP-fan living in Tokyo, I am naturally going to see the Dome Tour!
So, since I am quite excited about it myself, I thought about offering a shopping service for the goods they have on display on the official website HERE!

I charge a basic commission fee of 250 Yen per item OR 15% of the price.

So, my prices are as follows:
(in order as the items appear on the website, so you can also check what it is if you are not sure!)
Original Petbottle holder: 1250Yen
Totebag: 1750Yen
Vinylbag: 750Yen
Chopper Manjuu: 1250Yen (12 pieces, this is food)
Canned Cookies: 1050Yen
Treasurebox Chocolate: 1250Yen
Original Wallet: 1050Yen
Portgas D. Ace Dome Tour Limited Version: 7245Yen (pre-order)
T-Shirt: 2875Yen
Muffler towel: 1750Yen
Cushion: 2300Yen
Pirate Flag: 1750Yen

+ 3,9%+40Y Paypal-fee (if you can't send the money via gift option)
+ Shipping (EMS, Airmail or Economy Airmail/SAL)

Important: I only accept payment via Paypal in Japanese Yen.
I am going on April 27th, so payment deadling would be April 26th, 23:59 Japanese Standard Time.

See my feedback HERE

If you are interested, please either leave a comment here or send me a Private Message. If you send a PM, PLEASE make sure you have Messaging enabled so I can answer you!!
Please do not forget to include the following in your message:
1. item name
2. quantity
3. color/design (if there is more than one)
4. size (for tshirts)
5. your location (shipment-wise)

Thank you for looking & have a nice day!

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