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Hey! I am really trying to get as many of these items sold before Christmas break as I can. If you are interested, please take a look! The prices that I have down are what I am trying to get for the items, but I will consider offers as well so don't hesitate to ask! Any questions, please contact me!

Also, some deals fell through so take a look and see if maybe something that was crossed out is once again up for taking!

CDs and Singles

Penicillin - Missing Link
Price: $20
-original Japanese version
-digipak case
-CD in very good condition (no scratches)

Penicillin - Vibe
Price: $20
-Original Japanese version
-Two (2) CDs - separate cases
-Plastic case to hold both
-CDs and booklets are all in very good condition

Plastic Tree - Single Collection
Price: $15
-Warner Music Japan version
-CD and booklet are in good condition
-Case has some wear

BUCK-TICK - Romance Single
Price: $10
-CD and DVD ("Love Me" live at Nippon Budokan 2004)
-No scratches
-Booklet has minor wear on one edge

Sugizo & The Spank Your Juice - DearLIFE Single
Price: $7
-CD has no scratches
-Booklet also in very good condition


SHOXX - Vol. 96 (February 2001)
Price: $15
-Feature on SHUSE(la'cryma Christi), NOISY (SEX MACHINEGUNS), and yasu (Janne Da Arc - 30 pages plus poster)
-Also features:
-Due le quartz

SHOXX - Vol. 97 (March 2001)
Price: $12
-Feature on Janne Da Arc - 28 pages **poster is missing**
-Also features:
-Kazuki (Raphael)
-Plastic Tree
-Zipang *plus fold out pin-up*

Vicious - Vol. 1 (2000)
Price: $10
-Feature on FANATIC CRISIS - 24 pages
-Also Features:
-La'cryma Christi
-Back Side Issue - Raphael

Vicious - Vol. 3 (2001)
Price: $10
-Feature on TAKA (La'cryma Christi) - 18 pages
-Also features:
-Janne Da Arc
-Plastic Tree
-Back Side Issue - FANATIC CRISIS

X Japan - The Last Live DVD Best Offer
-Original Japanese version
-Two (2) disks
-booklet included (very minor wear on one edge - barely noticeable)

X Japan - The Last Live CD Best Offer
-Original Japanese version
-Three(3) disks
-Color booklet with pictured and lyrics included and in almost perfect condition

Balzac - "America's Most Wanted" incl. Live in NYC/October 31, 2002 $20
-Plus Making of "Beware of Darkness"
-"Beware of Darkness" PV clip + original "uncensored" version

Morning Musume - Second Morning $15
-Original Japanese version
-CD and two(2)color booklets all in excellent condition

Psycho le Cemu - Doppelganger~mou hitori no jibun~ $30
-Original Japanese version
-CD and booklet are both in good condition, but have some wear
-case also shows just a bit of wear
-still plays fine

Please ask if you would like a track list or pics for any of the CDs and magazines :)

-All magazine will be flat rate $3.85 to ship to the USA only - international shipping will
be more.
-Shipping for the CDs will vary by weight so please ask :)
Payment Options:
-concealed cash - please let me know if you will be sending cash so that I know to look for it.
-PayPal cash - NOTE:I cannot accept credit card payment through paypal any
-money order

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