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Stuff for sale!

My Wii is bricked so now I must save up to send it to Nintendo and hopefully they can save it and my hundred hours of gameplay. Prices are not set in stone, feel free to make offers.

What's for sale / trade:

Anime DVDS: Fullmetal Alchemist, Last Exile, Master Keaton, Rahxephon, Saiyki, Saikano, X the TV Series

Doujinshi: Gundam Seed / Gundam Seed Destiny and Naruto

Manga: 33 books for sale and 3 Fushigi Yuugi Light Novels

Wallscrolls: Weib Kruez

Misc: Rare Soul Calibur Japanese trading card collection set

Sanrio merchandise: stationary, journals, note pads, and all other things cute.

Video Games: Final Fantasy Tactics and Lego Batman for the PSP

* Shipping: Prices do not include shipping. I can only ship within the USA and will either use media mail or flate rate priority mail. All orders will go out with delivery confirmation.

* Payment: I will accept Paypal - fees are added to the subtotal (paypal fee calculator), and Money Orders.

Anime DVDs


$6 ea or 3 for $15
Fullmetal alchemist 1, 2, 6, 13 (Brand New and Sealed)
Rahxephon 2, 5 (Brand New and Sealed)
Master keaton 1 (Brand New and Sealed)
Speed grapher 1 (Brand New and Sealed)
Saiyuki 5 (Brand New and Sealed)
Saikano 4 (Brand New and Sealed)
Last exile 1 (Brand New and Sealed)
X TV Series 1-3 (v1 sealed, 2-3 unsealed) $13 for set

Manga (English)


wallflower 1, 2, 3, 7 $4ea or $10 for set (used - cover wear)
naruto 31 - 32 $4 for both (heavy wear, 32 is okay but 31 has dog ears, cover damage, and writing)
ouran high host club 1 and 2 $5 for both (used - cover wear, v1 has residue on the back from the security patch when it was removed)


parasyte 11 (first print, like new condition) $5
record of lodoss war: chronicles of the heroic knight book 5 - $4 (like new, have 2 copies)
record of lodoss war: welcome to lodoss island book 2 - $4 (like new, have 2 copies)
musashi 9 vol.1 - $4 (like new, have 2 copies)
from eroica with love vol.1 $3 (good condition)
comic party vol.1 $4 (good condition)
path of the assassin 2, 3 (good condition) $4ea
never give up 2 (used condition, has front cover damage on the bottom left corner) $4


candidate for goddoss v2 (good condition) $4
saber marionette j v1 (good conddition, have 2 copies) $4
saiyuki v5 (like new condition) $4
lupin the third v1 (like new condition) $4
love or money v1 (like new condition) $4
princess ai v1 (like new condition) $4
under the glass moon 1 and 2 (like new condition) $4ea or both for $7
tokyo mew mew v1 (good condition) $4
tokyo mew mew ah le mode v1 (good condition) $4
dragon knights 1, 2 (good condition) $4ea or both for $6
love hina 1 (good condition) $4
eerie querrie 1, 2, 3 (good condition) $4ea or all for $9


fushigi yuugi light novels (Japanese) $5 for the set


* All doujins are written in Japanese and in new condition unless stated otherwise.



Title: Hero Kingdom
Circle: Hero Rukawa
Pairing: Itachi x Naruto (R18)
Pages: 26

Title: Red Zone Side 1
Circle: Hissattsu Cyclone
Pairings: Sasuke x Naruto and Itachi (shonen ai)
Pages: 24

Title: Cool Highschool
Circle: Oaguni Jimi
Pairings: Naruto and Itachi (general)
Pages: 24

Title: Unknown
Pairings: Naruto and Itachi (general)
Pages: 20

Gundam Seed / Gundam Seed Destiny


Title: Seed Impact 4th Memorial Anthology (Limited Edition)
Pairings: none (general, gag)
Pages: 174

Title: Zero Point
Pairings: Dearka x Miriallia (general)
Pages: 20

Title: Strawberry Sugar
Pairings: Kira x Lacus, Athrun x cagalli, Dearka x Miriallia (general)
Pages: 40


Title: Please Give All Of You To Me
Pairings: Athrun x Kira (general)
Pages: 56

Title: Is, it is the viewing family
Pairings: none (general, gag)
Pages: 24

Title: The roulette of destiny turning
Circle: Kozouya
Pairings: Many x Athrun (R18)
Pages: 36
* doujin was bent at the top when delivered

Circle: ATIEKU
Pairings: Athrun x Kira x Shinn (R18)
Pages: 36
* has a scratch on the bottom of the front cover and a little wear on the back

Title: Unknown Title
Pairings: Mwu (Neo) x Kira (R18)
Pages: 26

Sanrio and Misc.

Hello Kitty Pink Ballerina Picture Frame $5 (never used, removed from box)

Hello Kitty Lot 1 $12
- Hello Kitty stationary set (new and sealed. 16 sheets, 8 envelopes, 25 stickers) $3
- Hello Kitty jungle stationary set (new and sealed. 6 sheets, 3 envelopes, 6 stickers) $2.95
- Hello Kitty hard cover spiral ringed notebook (new and sealed, 30 sheets in 4 different colors) $4.95
- Hello Kitty weekly planner (new but not sealed, 120 pages) $6.95
(altogether worth $17.95)

Hello Kitty Lot 2 $10
- Hello Kitty Diary with lock and keys (new and sealed. 288 pages in three colors) $7.95
- Hello Kitty Journal (new and unused. 192 pages) $6.00
- Hello Kitty red plastic jewelry box (good condition, has a little wear on the back)
- Hello Kitty purple fiberglass mini desk organizer (good condition, has a little wear)

Notepad lot $5
- Queenie Lou Notepad (brand new and sealed)
- Baby Cinnamon (brand new and sealed)
- Hello Kitty mini toast sheets (brand new and sealed)
- Pochacco notes that fold up into mini envelopes (a couple pages used but still plenty left)

Spotty Dotty Lot $2.50
- Spotty Dotty Stationary set 1 (new and sealed, 6 sheets, 3 envelopes, 5 stickers)
- Spotty Dotty Stationary set 2 (new and sealed, 6 sheets, 3 envelopes, 5 stickers)
- Spotty Dotty notepad (used a couple sheets, 62 out of 65 left)

Crux Story of Children Mug and Stirring Spoon Set: Little Mermaid (brand new and sealed in box) $7

Jewelry Lot $6
- 3 necklaces (the two on the right were hand made out of glass beads)
- 1 bracelet (hand made out of glass beads)
- 1 metal Pochacco ring (not shown in picture, not sure what the ring size is)
- My Melody plastic jewelry box (not shown in picture but similar to the one shown in the Hello Kitty lot above)

Video Games


PSP - Lego Batman (comes with case and manual) $13
PSP - Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (comes with case and manual) $14

On Amazon for $70+

Soul calibur trading cards box (brand new and sealed) $15


Weib Kruez features Ken, Omi, Aya and Yohji - $10 (I have six of these)

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