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Selling manga, figures and more (updated with new items)


~ Maria Holic vol 1
~ I Luv Halloween 1-2
~ Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition (includes volumes 1-3) vol 1
~ Negima! Omnibus Edition (volumes 1-3)
~ Everybody Cosplay!
~ Gravitation: Voice of Temptation (Novel)
~ FLCL vol 1 -2


~ Tandem Twin Sheep Girl (Merino)
~ Gurren Lagann Revoltech #050
~ Togainu no Chi One Coins (set only)
~ TTGL Simon Figumate vol 1 NEW
~ TTGL Kamina Figumate vol 1 NEW


~ Inuyasha TV DVD vol 1
~ Death Note Ryuk Messenger Bag


~ I only accept Paypal.
~ I ship ASAP
~ I can ship international
~ Shipping varies on where you live
~ Pricing is in USD
~ Prices do not include shipping
~ I use the least expensive shipping method unless requested otherwise
~ All manga (except Fruits Basket, Negima and I Luv Halloween (set)) and figumates (if sold separately) will require extra money to pay for a bubble mailer
(bubble mailers are less than 2$ -- $1.69 at most)

My Feedback:
eBay (all positive)(one negative feedback is from a scammer)
GSJ Feedback Page (new so no feedback yet)

Maria+HOLIC vol 1
Price: 3$
Condition: Good. Has a bit of damage on cover.

I Luv Halloween 1-2
Price: 3$ each or 5$ set
Condition: Good. Has a bit of damage on covers.

Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition vol 1 (contains volumes 1-3)
Price: 7$
Condition: Like new

Negima! Omnibus Edition (volumes 1-3)
Price: 8$
Condition: Good. Has a bit of damage on the side.

Everybody Cosplay!
Price: 4$
Condition: Like new

FLCL vol 1 and 2
Price: 6$ each / 10$ set
Condition: Like new

Togainu no Chi One Coin Figures (Set ONLY)
Price: 65$ (best price around!)
Condition: Like new.

Animal Girl Tandem Twin (Merino) 1/6 Figure
Price: 32$
Condition: Like new. Box has some damage.

Gurren Lagann Revoltech #050


TTGL Simon Figumate vol 1(RARE)


TTGL Kamina Figumate vol 1(RARE)


Death Note Ryuk Messenger Bag
Price: 13$
Condition: Like new. Only been used once.
NOTE: Sold out everywhere!

Inuyasha TV DVD vol 1
Price: 1.50$
Condition: Very good. Has a very small cut in plastic near bottom but otherwise is in perfect condition. Only been watched once.

Please let me know if you would like more pictures or have any questions.

Thanks for looking~ <3
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