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Cosplays, PSP, and Pink DS Lite with Edge card!

 Selling a PSP, Nintendo DS, Wacom Bamboo Tablet, a bunch of wigs, and a bunch of cosplays (finished and unfinished)!

More under the cut! 

Vocaloid:  Meiko Eager Love Revenge
Avatar: Last Air Bender: Katara
Black Blazer School Uniform
Card Captor Sakura: Pink Dress 
Hitomi DoA Dead Fantasy Outfit
Rikku Festival Goer outfit
Long Brown Wig
Short Blonde Wig
Short Curly Brown Wig

I'm also trying to sell a PSP, DS, and wacom tablet.

Pictures and more details under the cut!

Vocaloid Meiko Eager Love Revenge:

Black Blazer School Uniform



Sakura Dress

I am willing to negotiate on prices and will probably consider them.

Rikku Festival Goer Version!

Short Brown Curly Wig

Long Brown Wig

Short Blonde Wig

$75 Shipped within the USA.
his is for a nintendo ds lite pink version and charger. My brother got this for me YEARS ago for christmas however I just haven't really found time to play it recently. There are a few scratches at the top but nothing major, still in excellent playing condition. I do have to say that the left and right buttons at the top have seen some wear but nothing that can't be cleaned.

This also includes an edge card with a couple of preloaded games such as:
Osu Tatake Oendan
San X (Spot the difference type of game)
Poupee Girl
Harvest Moon
Taiko no Tatsujin

You can always add more or delete those if you so wish using rom sites; I however lost my SD card reader so I won't be able to delete those for you.

With the EDGE card, you can also use load it up with music.

The current sd chip in there is I believe a 2gb. It actually may be a 4gb one but to be safe I'll say its 2. Like I said, I lost the card reader and I can't remember if I had the 4gb on my phone or the 2gb meaning the DS will have either one.

$75 Shipped within the USA

My dad gave me his old PSP however I am extremely OCD and would prefer a white one instead. I haven't played it much and neither has he. He's kept it in a silicone case so there is little to no scratches at all on the thing. Comes with wall charger and a car charger plus a 4gb memory stick. This is a Black Slim PSP 3000. I am willing to trade this for a similar model in white or silver. :D

$55 Shipped within the USA
Gently used Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet (White/Small). I only used it a few times mostly for vector work. Great little thing!

Any questions please feel free to ask me.

Includes original box with:
USB Cord
Pen dock

For questions regarding the cosplay stuff, please feel free to leave a comment. :) 
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