beagleinspace (beagleinspace) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hide UFO Catcher Plushies

I'm selling a set of two Hide UFO catcher plushies. As I'm not actually that familiar with the band/singer and bought them years ago as templates for plush making, the information is to the best of my knowledge.

The larger one is in like new condition. He was taken off the card so I could lug him around to various fabric stores to try to match colors and to try to base a pattern off his head. I've since put him back on.

The only flaw would be the shoes. There seems to be some scuffing on the bottom of both and the material on one seems to be cracking a bit.

The smaller one was bought used. There's some yellowing on his shirt and I believe he's missing two accessories. Something was cut out of hand (you can see there's some thread left-over) and I think I saw him online with glasses.

The biggest flaw would be that I actually opened his head a bit to make my pattern. You can see along his hairline where I stitched him back up.

Asking $67 shipped for both in the US.
Tags: toys
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