End of the World (shirono) wrote in garagesalejapan,
End of the World

Doujin, anime, manga, sanrio, etc for REALLY awesome prices.

Lots of doujinshi from DBZ, Evangelion, Yuyu Hakusho...Sailor Moon plushies, and lots of anime and manga for really cheap prices (like 5 and 6 dollars). This is my friend cleaning out her goods, shes very reliable and professional.

goods galore! pass it on!


all items are shipped with delivery confirmation for tracking!
we TOTALLY ship overseas!
any qs? send them to definately_briefs@yahoo.com. it's checked daily.

If you buy, please mention you saw the link on GarageSaleJapan! This gives Shirono comission money for groceries. ^_^

PS, don't be too afraid of the domain name. I dont think theres anything very offensive on the sale site.
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