girl (blueicing) wrote in garagesalejapan,

i am currently selling off a large piece of my asian stationery collection (to make room for more...ha!). the lot includes:

* 40+ 5.5x3.5in sheets, various designs
* 30+ larger sheets, various designs
* 30+ envelopes of various sizes and mixed designs
* aprox. 50 character die-cut sheets (primarily hello kitty and other sanrio) + 1 full die-cut weiss kreuz (ken) mini memo pad
* aprox. 50 memo and mini memo sheets of various sizes and mixed designs
* a few stickers

that's around 200 pieces

brands include both sanrio and san-x, as well as orange story and some others i'm not familiar with. characters include (sanrio) hello kitty, badtz maru, landry, my melody, (san-x) kogepan, (that orange head guy), momo panda, (the...tomato...thing), and some lovely white.

please post here if you are interested and i will get back to you as soon as i can to work out a price and provide additional details if necessary.
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