happysky (happysky) wrote in garagesalejapan,

CD sale!

First Class shipping is just $1.00 per CD (within US).

- Namie Amuro [LOVE 2000] Single: 100% legit, import, with obi, good condition $4 pending
- Ranma 1/2 Opening Theme Song Collection: 100% legit domestic release, rare, good condition $3 pending
- Slayers NEXT Sound Bible I: 100% legit, import, authentic, with obi, good condition $3 pending
- Tenchi Muyo OVA Best Vol. 1: 100% legit domestic release, colorful!, good condition $3

- Gundam Singles History (Album): sonmay = bootleg $1
- Final Fantasy IV OSV: with obi, everanime = bootleg $2 sold (:
- Ah! My Goddess OST Vol. 1: sonmay = bootleg $1 pending

- BoA [MeriChri] Japanese Single: 100% legit, import, with obi, only listened to once, still comes in neatly-opened packaging $6 pending

Prices negotiable; Paypal preferred; cash and money order also accepted.

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