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mr profit's girl friday (and all week long)

DS: NEW OTK Socks! (Putumayo and offbrand)

Sales Journal:

* I take Paypal. No cheques, no concealed cash, no risk, no drama. I don't charge you extra for Paypal. That is actually against Paypal rules and I value my Paypal account! Please be aware that I'm not charging you extra for Paypal when you consider my prices.
* I do have two cats. They are not allowed in my clothes drawers or closet, but there is also nobody at home to watch them when I'm at work. If I notice cat hair on anything I lint roll it before I ship it, but if you are super allergic to cats to the point where that won't help, you should probably not buy clothes from me.
* If you live outside the USA, please ask me for a total. Unfortunately, international shipping is very expensive and not easily trackable. I can't do anything about that so if you don't like the total, please just say "no thanks" and don't get into it with me about it.

Putumayo socks, $30 shipped within the USA, paid $31 + tax at Harajuku Hearts
I tried one of them on, but never wore them. I'm selling them because they're uncomfortably tight. They're not recommended for calves larger than 16" - you can get them on but they won't be comfortable, and I think prolonged wear would damage them. I took the sock off immediately--it's not all stretched out.

Offbrand (Sock Dreams) loliable/gyaruable socks, $5 shipped within the USA
I attempted to try them on but couldn't get them up over my calves. They're not recommended for calves larger than 16". They can be worn either as OTKs or scrunched down as loose socks. (I and other people with large calves could wear them as loose socks, but I mostly dress lolita so I don't have much use for them.)

I will sell both pairs of socks to the same person for $33 if desired.
Tags: fashion: egl
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