Dawny (glassesgirl2009) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTS/WTT: Misato Cross Necklace + Figures

- I ship from US 32746 (FL) and on Saturdays only.
- I do international shipping but please be aware that total will be higher
- All prices include shipping to US/Can First Class
- I will accept offers as long as they are reasonable
- Please do not put holds unless you are 100% positive you will buy. Holds are 6 days, longer if you contact me before hand
- Trades are accepted but only for the items I list.

Pictures under the cut. And thank you ~

(1) Haruhi Bunny Revoltech : $20
 -comes with all accessories and box
(2) Haruhi pointing figure : $6
(3) Rei sitting figure : $15
 -comes with box
(4) Inuyasha Naraku figure : $4
(5) Inuyasha Kagome figure : $4
(6) Misato Cross Necklace : $32
 -official early run
(7) EoE Shinji Sega Prize : $15
 -comes with box
(8) EoE Rei Ayanami/Lilith Sega Prize : $18
 -comes with box

- Hetalia Namja button: America
- Hetalia America Special One Coin
- Hetalia Special One Coins Italy, Germany, Japan, France, Russia , China
- Hetalia Doujin Stealth Mode USxCan
- Any Canada Doujins
- Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers) Trading Figure Mermaid
- Miyuki-chan in Wonderland figures/chess peice
- Asuka Eva Portraits figure in a bikini leaning over
- Hetalia Manga 1,2,3 (Jap) or 2 (Eng)
Tags: anime, collectibles, fashion: cosplay, toys
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