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Lots of anime stuffs for sale!

New items in bold!!

☆Japanese Coach DS Game!☆
☆Dance Dance Revolution Mat!☆
☆Kawaii Erasers!☆

☆Manga: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Legal Drug, Angel Sanctuary, Rayearth Artbook, Oh My Godess, Love Hina, Nakayoshi
☆Bleach Soul Plate
☆Durarara! Playing Cards
☆Sailor Moon Stars toy
☆DVD: Noir
☆Shitajiki: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pitch
☆Japanese culture/language books

Stuff for sale! Ships from the USA, prices don't include shipping unless indicated, so ask for a quote. I can take

Paypal payments, or may trade for Japanese CDs.
Feel free to make offers as well. ^_^

Japanese reference/culture books:
Japanese grammar pocket handbook - $5
The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagan - $8
Confucious lives next door - $7

My Japanese Coach DS Game: $20

Dance Dance Revolution dance pad: brand new and never used. Hookups for PS2/Xbox/USB.

Magic Jar of Kawaii Erasers! 6 for $2 plus $1.50 US shipping, or make an offer on the entire lot.

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne manga set 1-4: $20 or best offer

Magic Knights Rayearth 2nd Artbook - Tokyopop edition with English notes. - $25

Legal Drug 2 by CLAMP - Out of Print! $6 or best offer

Angel Sanctuary 1-2: $10 for both

Oh My Goddess and Tenchi Muyo -- $3

Love Hina manga vol. 1 -- $3
Noir DVD vol. 1 --$5

Bleach Soul Plate - Hisagi - $5

Durarara! Playing Card set - $10

Sailor Moon "viewmaster" toy from the Sailor Stars era. - $8
You can put it up to the light and look at pictures through the lens. The plastic bubble case is detached from the

cardboard backing, (the glue dried up with age and the packaging fell apart) and cardboard has minor shelf wear.

Cardboard backing is not torn. The plastic bubble could be reglued to the cardboard to be displayed in the package

if desired.
More images:

Mermaid Melody shitajiki - $5 (other two are sold!)

I also have lots of various Nakayoshi magazines from 02-05 era. Some series in them include Mermaid Melody, Tokyo

Mew Mew, Morning Musume Monogatari, Sugar Sugar Rune, Toki Mecha (Naoko Takeuchi) and many others. (Not all the

ones I have are pictured)

I'm asking $1.50 each, and I can ship up to 4 of them from between $5.80-$10.50 in the US depending on your location.

(The closer you are to MI, the cheaper ^.~)

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