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Selling JRock and Anime Soundtrack CDs

Hey there,
I want to get rid of some stuff.

- I ship from Germany
- I accept Paypal and German Bank Transfer only
- I'm not responsible for packages lost or damaged in the mail
- I ship worldwide
- Prices include shipping within Germany!
- Feedback:

All CDs are European Releases unless stated otherwise!

AnCafe - Gokutama Rock Cafe

Please notice!! The case is somehow pretty beaten up (see crack in the upper left), hence the low price. The CD itself is in very good state though.

Price: 10€

Moi dix Mois - DIXANADU ltd. edition

CDs and case are in perfect state, the CDs were only played once.

Price: 16€

DIR EN GREY - Withering to death

No scratches on CD and case, like-new state.

Price: 15€

DIR EN GREY - The Marrow of a Bone

Some small scratches on the case, CD is in perfect state.

Price: 15€


Case and CD are both in like-new state.

Price: 15€

DIR EN GREY - Agitated Screams of Maggots

As you can tell from the picture there's a pretty big scratch on the right site - due to bad postage-handling. The CD, however, is in like-new state.

Price: 5€

Rie Tanaka - Raison d'être 

Original Japan Import!
Price: 9€

Thanks for looking and don't mind asking any questions!
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