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Lolita items, skirt, off brand accessories for sale

Lightening up my lolita accessories.

Basic rules:
1) U.S buyers preferred, international buyers: shipping will be higher due to postal rates and/or item.
2) Once the package leaves my hands and has no insurance/tracking, I am not responsible for it. The post flow can be tricky.
3) Paypal only please.
4) My feedback page is here: http://gsj-feedbacks.livejournal.com/27551.html
5) Prices DO NOT include shipping unless noted.

Black Peace Now pink/black skirt, full elastic waist. The skirt max stretch is 100cm (approximately 39-40 inches).
New with tags. $92 shipped

Peace Now! socks ($18+shipping) and Baby The Stars Shine Bright Cinderella Jewelry socks ($20+shipping). New, never worn. Cinderella jewelry socks came in the latest Baby accessory lucky pack.

Putumayo pink leg warmers. $5.00 plus shipping. I am not into leg warmers XD

Baby The Stars Shine Bright pointe shoes ring, brand new, never worn. $25 plus shipping
Black Peace Now round earrings. Brand new, never worn $20 plus shipping

BTSSB Sophie key chain/cell phone strap $12 plus shipping

Offbrand accessories

All earrings are $3.00 plus shipping

Expandable bracelet, fits many sizes and styles $7.00 plus shipping
Small bracelets (black or red): $4 each plus shipping
Hair pins/ comb: $2.00 each plus shipping

Minty Mix bow $3.00 shipped.

Tags: fashion: egl
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