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Yu-gi-oh, K-on, Macross, Reborn, Haruhi, Kingdom Hearts, Hakuouki!


The Egyptian sets have arrived and I've cut prices on most of my remaining figures!

Kingdom Hearts: $5
Macross Frontier: $3
K-on!: $5
Hakuouki: $4
Reborn Posters: $10

The Egyptian sets have arrived! Those that I had requested payments from, they were due already and preorders have been wiped. Everyone was given plenty of fair notice! The numbers in parenthesis are what is available.

The Egyptian set will be sold for $15 and $2.80 for shipping inside the US!

  • Dark Magician 
  • Dark Magician Girl (1)
  • Blue Eyes White Dragon (2)
  • Thief Bakura (1)
  • Ishizu Ishtar (3)
  • Malik Ishtar
  • Priest Seto (2)
  • Atem (2)
  • Y. Malik (3)
  • Kisara (3)

My feedback: roihoxai.livejournal.com/2376.html

I  just got in some Hakuouki keychains and a Yuki Nagato figure. I still have some Yu-gi-oh figures. I also have Macross Frontier keychains, K-on VOICE Figures, K-on keychains, Kingdom Hearts figures, Hetalia phone straps, and Reborn bath posters.


Haruhi Suzumiya (Yuki Nagato figure)

Yuki Nagato figure. She comes with a stand, crushed glasses, two bags, and a sign. $25 plus $3.80 shipping in the United States.


Okay I have of the Hakuouki keychains:
Hijikata Toshizou: 5
Okita Souji: 1
Toudou Heisuke: 3
Harada Sanosuke: 1

Each keychain will SHIP for $5.80 in the US. ($4 with 1.80 shipping)


I got these Yu-gi-oh figures~~ I have a size reference as well I will link to. 

Each Yu-gi-oh figure is $12 plus $2.80 shipping within the U.S.

Anzu/Tea x1
Tristan/Honda x1

Red Eyes x 1

Y. Yugi

Y. Bakura

Size reference: i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa88/roihoxai/IMG_6399.jpg

Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier zipper pulls/keychains. They are small and adorable.

$3 plus $1.80 shipping within the United States.

Alto, Sheryl (outfit 1)
Mikhail, Ranka (outfit 1), Brera Sterne, Sheryl (outfit 2)
Sheryl (outfit 3 blue), Ranka (outfit 2), Sheryl (outfit 3 red), Alto (kimono)
Klan, Klan angry (Pun-Pun)

Alto: 1
Sheryl (outfit 1): 0
Sheryl (outfit 2): 1
Sheryl (outfit 3 Blue): 2
Sheryl (outfit 3 Red): 2
Ranka (outfit 1): 1
Ranka (outfit 2): 2
Mikhail: 2
Brera Sterne: 0
Klan: 1
Klan angry (pun pun): 2
Kimono: 2


The Reborn items are bath posters and they come with bath salts. Bath posters are posters you spray with water and fix to your bathroom wall while bathing. They can then be sprayed with water to take them down and reuse them. I've never actually tried it myself, though.

I have one of each and will strike out which ones are no longer available.

Each poster is $10 plus $1.80 shipping within the United States

Tsuna, Belphegor

Xanxus, Fran

Hibari, Mukuro

Gokudera, Squalo

Kingdom Hearts

I am selling these at $5, plus $1.80 shipping (US ORDERS).

I currently have:
Tifa: 0
Axel: 0
Riku: 2

As stated, I have additional pictures for size reference upon request, the picture above is the publisher picture. I took pictures, they just didn't turn out the best because I don't have the best set up for pictures when it's dark out. Their heads turn, too.


Now for the box of K-On!! Sweets Mascot keychains.

Each will come in their original plastic and their box will be flat-packaged.

They will each be $5 with $1.80 shipping (US ORDERS)

There are TWO different choices for each character. I have one of each color of each character. Each box comes with one piece of gum.

Mugi: White pot or tan pot

Ritsu: Chocolate Cake or Vanilla Cake

Azusa: Vanilla Doughnut or Chocolate Doughnut

My Livejournal Feedback~

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