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Regular sales

Lowered price and still have a few figures I'd like to sell. Added Junjou Romantica nendoroid petits. Prices do not include shipping. Please msg or PM for quote :).

List of Figures:
Naruto Tree Climbing Action FIgure - $10
Junjou Romantica Nendoroid Petits - Set of 3 Opened but in mint condition and comes with LE pen unopened, Picture not up yet - $65 (hold)
Kagamine Rin Max Factory - $70
Tachikoma Nendoroid  New - $40
BGM Festival nendoroid set, New - $35
Ookami Ryoko GSC New - $60  Box was slightly damaged during shipment
Kanda Fortune Chara, both versions - $5 each
Light nendoroid Petit, Tennis version - $5
Gurren Lagan Super Modeling Gashapon figures, Yomako, New - $5
Risty Nendoroid, New- $28
Cagalli RAHDX megahouse - $35, box has some wear
Lacus Clyne RAHDX megahouse - $55, box has some wear
Athrun Zala RAHDX - $28  box is not in great condition
Jade Tales of the abyss one coin figure second version - $13 new

Hetalia One Coin figures - New
France - $9
Greece - $9

Nurarihyon no Maho Sweets Colorful Collection
Each figure is $6 and all are new and unopened

Kubinashi and anmitsu - 2 of these
Zen and momiji manju - 2 of these
Kurotabo and sanshoku dango - 2 of these
Karase Tengu and norisenbei - 3 of these and they are $4 ea.

Zakuro Chara Fortune - 5.50 ea New

Zakuro - 1 of these
Kei Agemaki - 3 of these
Susukihotaru - 3 of these
Bonbori - 3 of these
Hozuki - 3 these
Ganryu Hanakiri - 4 of these
Riken Yoshinokazura - 4 of these

Pics of everything can be seen at

I also have Pencil boards, phone cards, cels and doujinshi stationary for sale.
Pics and prices can bee seen in the following links             

Feel free to post or PM :)

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