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Cosplay costumes and clothings

 Do help me to cleat these things so I have more space for my books to carry back to Malaysia!! 
Things up for sale :: 
1. Ciel Phantomhive red version -SOLD-
2. Setsuna F. Seiei Celestial being uniform 
3. 3 winter/autumn/spring jacket I brought over from my home country 
4. 1 casual t shirt with pattern on it. 
More details and photos behind the cut. 

Current Location : United Kingdom, Canterbury. (hence I prefer buyer from UK/EU country(maybe?) 
Payment method : Discuss with me. I am very flexible. I do have a friend who has paypal and friends who have bank account in UK
Price stated are negotiable and not inclusive of postage/shipping. Willing to ship internationally if buyer bears the cost. 

Size : UK size 8-10 (88cm-71cm-92cm)
Height : 155cm
Tell me if you need more information and details! 
Link to the photos in this post (imageshack photo album) >> HERE

If your purchase with me goes over £25(exclusive of shipping), then free gift will be included for you too. 

Cosplay Costumes

Ciel Phantomhive Red version £34

Condition : worn once for indoor (less than an hour) private photoshoot. 
Include : jacket, black inner blouse (which has the long 'cloth'/train(?)), pants, ribbon behind the jacket, scarf 
Photos :
Black inner1, Black inner 2, Black inner 3, Jacket1, jacket2, jacket3 - detachable rose and ribbon, pants, scarf

Setsuna f seiei £28

Condition : Brand New. Only tried on for a while
Include : Inner shirt, outer jacket, pants. 
Photos : Jacket, inner top, pants 

Will also be selling his wig as a set (extra £18 (it is brand new) - photo is available if asked. 

Fashion - Jackets / top 

Jacket 1 £13

Proof of ownership :: Here and here
Condition : worn a few times, still new. 
Note: there's no pocket to this jacket yo. 
Reason of sale : Making space for my books in my luggage. 

Jacket 2  £18

Mine is the black one.(middle)
Proof of ownership :: Here
Condition : like new. Worn twice. 
Reason of sale : Making space for my books in my luggage.

Jacket 3  £15

Mine is the first 2 at the left (both of the same colour, just different lighting) 
Proof of ownership :: Here
Condition : Worn for quite a few times (as it is real comfy and warm) 
Note: there's a small rip at the shoulder part, but I will sew it back if you want me to + you want to buy
Reason of sale : Too heavy to carry back to home country in sept. Making space for my books.

Jacket 4  £16

Condition : Worn many times and still like new. Bought 2 years back then. 
Reason of sale : Too heavy to carry back to home country in sept. Making space for my books. 

Top 1 £5 

Condition : worn once. still new. 
Reason of sale : I realised it wasn't my style

Thanks for taking your time to browse through my things! 
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