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18 June 2011 @ 05:59 pm
Prices reduced on most items!  
I'm reducing prices on products that I'm selling in order to make it easier on everyone's bank~ ^^ I hope to do business with you all.

USA Shipping: Smaller Packages range from 2-4 dollars; while the Bigger Packages are 6 dollars, Priority + Tracking.
International ranges from 3-14 Dollars (Packing + Weight Dependent)

Some of the items I'm selling are Anime Boxsets of Yu Yu Hakusho (Season 1; 7-disc set), Soul Hunter ADV Complete Collection 6-disc set, a bunch of random Asian dvds, Kpop CD/DVDs, Manga (Zombie Powder, Alice 19th, Demon Diary, ect), Jrock CDs, miscellaneous items such as Bleach Soul iron-on patch, Hellsing Hellhound Messenger bag, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl DS Case, even video games such as Magna Carta Tears of Blood, random N64 games (Mario Kart, Pokemon Snap), Final Fantasy XII. Lots of items to share!

I've combined the cards (Pokemon/Yugioh/Digimon/Dual Masters) into card lots for cheap prices. If you're interested in getting a lot of cards for a decent price without all the hassle of buying a bunch of separates, then card lots are your way to go~

I hope you all give me some of your time and take a look. Much appreciated.
My sales post is located here if you have any questions ^^ Thank you.

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