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26 June 2011 @ 04:40 am
Last Chance: Few hours for OOP manga sets, Yaoi, Anime  
Sale ends Sunday Eve: OOP sets and Yaoi, Welcome to NHK and other sets are at $3 a volume for NEW or AS NEW (Welcome to NHK is still shrinkwrapped, as is Ghosttalker) english manga, some less than $2.50 a volume.

A Yaoi, Shojo, OOP manga and Anime sale. Due to illness, mpshiel is selling her personal manga and Anime. All are in AS NEW/NEW condition, some like Ghosttalkers and others are still in wraps, brand new. There are many rare oop sets, and out of print anime like the discountinued BECKS anime: yaoi, shojo and shonen. There is everything from Viz signature line, Netcomics, Drama Queen, DMP, Toykopop, Viz, Del Rey and more. Check them out, in the sale
HERE (click on ‘here’)

ACT NOW - NEW and RARE - when gone they are gone.

All Manga in English, all Anime both sub and dubs.

Anime:  BECKS (Out of Print for a year, no longer in print  - get it while you can, With security sticker still on).
Big Windup - Watched once, like new, bargain price.

Yaoi: Treasure 1-2 (complete), Calling (Blu), Cool/Uncool, Alice 101 1-2 (complete), King of Debt, Weekend Lovers, Aegis (Net Comics, NEW, OOP, Complete), Lovely Sick 1-2 (complete, Drama Queen, NEW in wraps!), My Girlfriends' a Geek 1-3 (Love with a BL fangirl! complete)
and more!

Your Lover 1-3 (OOP, Complete, Netcomics)
Queen's Knight 1-12 (complete and VERY OOP)
Blood+ 1-5 and Blood+ adagio 1-2 (Complete Blood+ manga)
March Story 1-2 (Viz Signature Line, complete)
Pine Kiss 1-5 (Complete, OOP, Netcomics)  
Butterfly Flowers 1-6 (NEW, Josei, HOT)
Full Moon Sagashite 1-6 (less than $15)
Doubt 1-6 (OOP, Complete)
Arisa 1-2 (Complete, Brand New Title)
Secret Notes of Lady Konoko 1-2 (complete, NEW Title)
Gantz 1-9
I-Doll 1-2 (complete, OOP)
Welcome to the NHK 1-8 (Complete, in wraps!) (at $3 a volume bargain!)
Kieli 1-2 (complete, OOP)
Neon Genesis Shinji Rising 1-4 (Less than $3 for NEW)
Ghosttalker Daydream 1-3 (NEW in WRAPS)
Clover Omnibus
and more, act now and click HERE

rokusabarou: anemonerokusabarou on June 27th, 2011 04:02 am (UTC)
Is the NHK set still available?
padaleckici0us: Papillon1;;padaleckici0us on June 27th, 2011 06:14 pm (UTC)
I wish get Demon Sacred Volume 3, but prefer not get all. :)wish you luck!