Caylee ✭ (jinjin_tcg) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Caylee ✭

Angelic Pretty lolita dress + headbow

Angelic Pretty Invited to a Party jsk + offbrand headbow
$135 shipped US ; $155 shipped Int'l

Original Price: 29190 yen (~ 363 USD)
jsk back
headbow + waist-ties
jsk stock
additional photos can be given upon request

The jsk is new without tags. The headbow has been worn once (on a wig) just to see how it looked.
I never got a chance to wear this set because GA has insanely bipolar weather. ):
The jsk is made of lovely velvet and perfect for the colder months.
Adorable satin ribbons and soft tulle give the jsk a girly, cutesy feel. Waist ties are detachable.
It has a slight problem with the zipper (it won't zip all the way down), but the zipper does zip down far enough in order to put the jsk on.
Invited to a Party jsk
Bust: 92 cm
Waist: 72 cm
Length: 89 cm
Tags: fashion: egl
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