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Lots of furoku items for sale!!! I've started a kawaii collection and need some more money to fund my kawaii needs. :) I'm willing to sell everything bulk as well, so if you're interested, leave me an offer and we can work something out! (I also have a small kawaii lot for sale ^^)

Gakuen Alice items:
Mascot Keychain Pill Box (Boxed Item) $3
Tin pencil case $5
Mascot clip (Boxed Item) $1
Letter Set (6 sheets + 3 clear envelopes) $3.50
3 Postcards + Sticker sheet $3.50
Blue tote bag $4
Drama CD $5
Plastic manga cover $1

Fruits Basket:
Kyo rolling stamp (Boxed Item)
Clear file (The one with Tohru, Yuki, and kyo on it) $5
Notebook $2
Small clar file $3.50
Mini notebook (the one with Yuki on it) $1
Postcard (Ko + Yuki) $1
Postcard Booklet (set of 6, only the Tohru postcard visible.... ^-^' additional photos will be taken upon request) $4.75
Mousepad $5
Manga book cover (with all of the zodiac characters on it) $3
CD bag $1

Suki desu Suzuki Kun manga book cover + bookmark $2
Get love!! notebook (has sticker sheet  with character outfits that you can use to stick onto the characters) $3
'Heart' Notebook $1.25
Saint Dragon Girl mini memo pad + info sheet $1
Hana to Yume Drama CD (opened... and listened to once but no scratches or anything) $4
Misc. Chu Chu Series post card $.75
W Juliet mousepad sticker $3
Pheromania Syndrome towel $4
Hayate the Combat Butler memo pad $2

Let me know if you want additional pictures taken! I know some of the pictures are blurry (my phone's camera isn't exactly top class) and I also didn't have the boxed items out of the box so.....

Sampler Kawaii lot!! 
15 mini memo sheets
3 mini letter sets (2 sheets + 1 envelope)
25 sticker flakes
Mini die cut greeting card
Popy eraser
Small roll of deco tape
Animal sticky note
Kawaii pencil

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