Riou aka 'Hero 2' (bright_shield) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Riou aka 'Hero 2'

Evangelion Figures + More for Sale

I'm doing a bit of pre-con collection cleaning. Right now it's mostly Evangelion collectibles with a smattering of other series tossed in. My eBay feedback can be found here.

All prices are in US dollars & payment is through Paypal only. Items can go on hold for up to 24 hours before going up for grabs again.

Domestic/USA Shipping is $5.00 for Priority Small Package Flat Rate & $10.50 for Priority Medium Rate. Most items can be combined together to fit in a small/medium rate box. Some specially marked items can also be sent by themselves via First Class Mail for $3.00. International Shipping is also via Priority Small/Medium Flat Rate, which can be calculated here. Insurance will cost extra.

Petit Ritsuko - Sold

Schoolboy Kaworu Sold

Angel Kaworu Sold

Digital Grade Mari - Sold

K&M Kaworu Sold

Tags: anime, collectibles, fashion: cosplay
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