curryshop (curryshop) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTB Ball Joint Doll

My mother likes to sew and sell clothes for BJDs so I wanted to buy her one for her Birthday.
However I don't know a whole lot about BJDs myself (brands / sizes etc.).

Sooo I just need one that would be a common size that she could use to make sell-able outfits.
It'd be great if it had eyes and a wig, but it doesn't necessarily need any clothes. (they'd just be a bonus).

I know that BJDs go for all kinds of prices; so I'm looking for one around $100 - $250 and I'm a bit flexible on that price if it seems like a good deal. (I also kinda want a BJD myself so if there was a good deal on two together I'd consider that as well!) I won't be able to pay until this Thursday when I get paid.

(also I'm sorry if this is an unreasonable price! I really don't know much about BJDs but I saw some bodies in this price on Ebay so just guessed that was okay; but I trust someone on GSJ more than ebay so please let me know!)

Thanks so much,
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