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11 July 2011 @ 11:41 pm
JE Items & MY GIRL MUG  
I wasn't going to do another sales post for a while, but then my manager/friend ended up in the hospital. He has been there for almost 8 weeks now and was home for less than a week throughout the entire time. He found out he had a tumor on his colon and within 3 weeks (comparing 2 ultrasounds) it had grown 2.5 times the original size. He has started chemo treatments and I would like to help him out with his hospital fees as much as I can, since he obviously hasn't come to work since this all started.

US buyers preferred, since i dont know when i will be able to get to the post office for international shipments... if you are outside of the US and dont mind having to wait for shipping, then please contact me too~

Pictures available by request~

My Girl (aiba-chan's drama) - clear files, pencils, phone straps, mugs, 1 brand new photo book

Kaibutsu-kun (ohno-kun's drama) - pencils and pens

Gokusen 3 (H!S!Jump's takaki and Kame in the movie) - pencils and pens, and a strap from the movie DVD release

Ohoku (nino and ohkura) - limited edition phone strap that came with advance movie ticket purchase. strap charm has the elegant wave design that was present on Nino's costume in the movie.

postcard set - set of 3 (1 each of Nino, MatsuKen and cast)

postcard set

5x10 Concert-
mini uchiwa - nino, aiba and sho available
group clear file
phone straps/charms:
i have a whole set of the straps from the 6 venues available, as well as an additional sapporo and tokyo strap and an extra nagoya/tokyo/sapporo/kokuritsu charm

Time Concert 2007-
Sticker Tin

AAA2008 Concert-
jun and aiba clear file
sticker sheet (yellow -> shanghai version)

if you are interested in anything, please email me at ivee83@hotmail.com for prices and pictures and please include your shipping location and a link to your lj so i know who you are.