Perpetual Foul Mood : Abyssal Collector Soldere (solerika) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Perpetual Foul Mood : Abyssal Collector Soldere

FS: BJD items, video games, manga, anime.

Looking to find new homes for everything at fantasieren! Currently operating on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any kind of shipping is available to anywhere in the world.

Ordering note and instructions! Please read before commenting!

BJD Items: BJD Clothes, Shoes, Eyes, Wigs. (Including Dollheart and Volks items!)

Anime and Game Trading Cards/TCG: Newer & Older Digimon, Dragonball Z, Kinnikuman, Saint Seiya, Slam Dunk, Sailor Moon, Card Captors, Pokemon (anime), Rockman World, Yu Yu Hakusho.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Doujinshi: Tales of the Abyss, Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy Tactics, Dragonball, Inuyasha

Anime Music: Chrno Crusade, Chou Majin Eiyuuden Wataru, Kodomono Uta, Digimon the Movie

Music Singles & CDs: R, hàl, Nokko, Jack & Betty, Alisa Mizuki, Chisato Moritaka, Miho Komatsu, Miho Nakayama, UA, Chara, Maki Sakai

Favorite Blue, Judy and Mary, MY LITTLE LOVER, Ryoko Shinohara

Books: With Respect to the Japanese, Japanese in Plain English

Anime and Game Goods/Toys: Animal Crossing E-cards, Calimero keychain, Inuyasha tin badges, Tales of Destiny/Destiny 2 trading figures, FMA Alphonse and Scar figures, Super Mario Galaxy Gashapon. Fruits Basket, FMA, unknown anime pins, FMA Alphonse Cosplay Gloves, Cardcaptor Clow Cards, Kero figurine.

Anime and Game artbooks/magazines/paper goods: xxxHolic furoku, Durarara advert, FMA Artbook, Official Fanbook 2 & 3, Complete Material Side, Movie Artbook & Poster, FMA Movie Poster, FMA TCG window sign, Inuyasha coloring pad, Pokemon card game book, Pokemon handbook.

Video Games: Japanese Kingdom Hearts II, Original NES Legend of Zelda Game w/box & booklet, Eternal Sonata, Persona 3 FES, Final Fantasy IV DS, The World Ends With You, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Party 8, DS Lite Browser, PSP Media Manager Software

Manga: Pokemon Adventures, Trinity Blood, Trigun, Bleach, Chrono Crusade, Inu-Yasha, Full Metal Panic, Planet Ladder, Utena, Demon Diary

Anime DVD and VHS: DVD: Fullmetal Achemist w/ tin, Knights of Ramune. VHS: Burn-Up W, Card Captor Sakura, Hamtaro, Sakura Wars, RG Veda, Slayers
Tags: anime, collectibles, dolls: bjd, doujinshi, franchise: sailor moon, manga: english, music: jpop, toys, video games
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