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DS: Rilakkuma Sleeping Bag Purse, Hat-Scarves, Animal Purses, and more!

Payment: Paypal only
Shipping from Wisconsin: Shipping quotes are for domestic shipping only
Items come from a clean, smoke-free home (I do own cats)
All sales final
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Limited White/Pink Rabbit Hat Scarf: $30 + $5.99 shipping
For sale is an incredibly soft white rabbit hat scarf with pink ears. This was purchased at a very special store in Beijing that sold handmade items made by different artists in very limited quantities. They are not mass-produced. This hat is brand new without tags (there actually were no tags, just a price sticker). It’s wonderful for cold weather, as it covers your head, the back of your neck, and is also a scarf. It even has fluffy little pom poms on it.

Grey Bear/Monkey Hat Scarf with Mittens: $25 + $5.99 shipping
For sale is another hat scarf, although this time it has built-in mittens. You can actually wear a pair of mittens and then put your hands inside the ends of the scarf! This was purchased in Korea. It’s super soft and cute, with button eyes and little round ears. It is brand new without tags.

Rare Rilakkuma Sleeping Bag Purse: BEST OFFER!
For sale is a rather rare bag favored by many sweet lolitas. This was never available in the US, and must be purchased directly from Japan. This one came brand new in the bag from a Yahoo Auctions seller. I used it once, indoors. It is essentially brand new – no tears, rips, stains, etc. His San-x tag is still attached. This bag can fit a small cellphone, a roll of money, and some other small accessories in it. Will be accepting offers on it for a week or so.

Panda Handbag with Shoulder Straps: $20 + $5.99 shipping
For sale is a super cute panda handbag with detachable shoulder straps. It is brand new without tags. It has a surprisingly large zip pocket that can easily hold a small cellphone, a roll of money, chapstick, etc.

Funny Engrish Bear Purse: $30 + $5.99 shipping
For sale is an amusing bag I purchased at an upscale mall in Beijing. It’s meant to say “Time Flies So Fast in Busy Daily Life,” but the “Flies” was turned into “Files!” This purse will make you smile every time you see it. It’s quite large (13.5-14” long and 15” wide) , and features a 3D plush bear face on it. The inside is lined and has a zip pocket. The strap length is adjustable.

Patent Pink Lips Shoulder/Hand Bag: $10 + $5.99 shipping
I got this in an eBay auction lot when I purchased a patent heart bag. The owner listed it as brand new. However, like the heart bag, they somehow got some stains/spots on them that are a grey color. See photos here and here. This can either be a handbag or a shoulder bag (there's a set of matching shoulder straps inside the purse that you can attach).

Carousel Pony Decorative Plate: $9 + $4.99 shipping
For sale is a decorative Carousel pony plate I found AGES upon ages ago at a store that sells used and vintage/antique items. It's 12" x 12" and mainly dark blue with yellow, light pink, and a bit of light blue. Overall it's in quite good shape - I never used it. Just a few minor areas that are dinged/scratched on the front. See example photos here, here, and here. The back has scratches too (see here), but you obviously won't be seeing that much. Made in 1990 according to the back.

Le Sucre Bunny Purse: $10 + $5.99 shipping
For sale is a brand new, never used (tags removed) purse purchased while studying abroad. It has one main, large zip compartment. Also features a pom pom on the zipper and a bow under the left ear. Has two small pockets inside for a cell phone, etc. There is a small bald spot under the right ear - see a picture here. This could easily be covered up with a bow or button.

Panda Purse: $10 + $5.99 shipping
Brand new, never used (tags removed), purchased in the panda house at the Beijing zoo while studying abroad. Has one main, large zip compartment. Features a pom pom on the zipper and a button nose.

Bear Purse: $10 + $5.99 shipping
For sale is a brand new, never used (tags removed) purse purchased while studying abroad. This is a very comfortable, light-weight purse with adorable fuzzy bears on the front. The zippers have cute little puppy charms too! In addition to the main compartment (with a spot for a cell phone), there is a small zip compartment on the back.

Doll Wallet and Keychain: $8 + $3.99 shipping (or $5 with purchase of another item)
For sale is a brand new, never used wallet with a doll keychain attached to it. This was purchased from Korea. Both the doll and wallet are a little over 5 inches tall. The doll keychain can be removed and attached to something else. The wallet also has a loop on it. The glittery bear the doll is holding says "I Love You" on its dress. Super cute!

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