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DS: A little bit of everything! All manga is buy 2 get one free!

 My rules:

~I accept paypal for payment. Paypal fees are not included with the price.

~Priority goes to the person who can pay immediately. (Leaves paypal first) If item isn't paid for within 24 hrs, I move to the next person.

~I prefer shipping in the US, but I will ship internationally if you will pay shipping. :) Shipping is included when stated.

~ I ship typically next day if it's not a weekend, I will notify you if I have to get it out late. Give me up to 5 days due to not having a car.

~ Please pay within 3 days if invoiced. I do accept the gift option as well.

~I entertain all fair offers. :3

~I combine shipping with multiple purchases.

~ Feedback:

Manga is now buy 2 get one free! :D The more you buy the more discounts I'll give you!


All manga are in mint or near mint condition from being stored. Pics of all items upon request The more you buy the more I will discount :3

yugioh 1,3,4,7 $5 each

Shamin King 1 $4

Full Metal Alchemist 10 $5

No need for Tenchi 1 $5

The All new Tenchi Muyo! 3,4,5 $4 each

Cowboy Bebop 2 $5

Fruits Basket 1 and 2 $3 each

FLCL 1,2 $5 each

From Far Away 1 $3

Chobits 1,2,3,4,5,7,8 $4 each $2 for #2 it's kinda beaten up.

Chobits Art book: Your Eyes Only $15

Mermaid melody 1,2,3,4 $5 each

Pita Ten 1-5 $15 for all $4 each

Sailor Moon SuperS 3 $10

Old Shonen Jumps $3 each All of these are mint.
If you want the trading card that came with them ask. You may have to tell me which was supposed to come with it since some didn't say.
I may still have it in my YGO card collection (which I will also sell cards)
Some have posters, just not the one from Jan 2004

September 2003
January 2004
April 2004
September 2004
October 2004
December 2004
January 2005
February 2005
March 2005
April 2005
May 2005
June 2005
July 2005
August 2005
September 2005


Kamikaze Girls DVD English Subs-$20

Video Games and Memorabilia


Pokemon White version $20 it comes without the case but it can be sent out after purchase free of charge once I get back to MO.
Pokemon HeartGold w/ pokewalker $25
***Maybe Pokemon Pearl this one has a lot of events and shiny pokemon on it that I've collected so make an offer.

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past cartridge only.$10

Xbox 360:
Bishock-disk only $5 (It came instead of BS2 from ebay)

Banjo Kazooie $10
Banjo Tooie $15
Turok 2 $7


LoZ Twilight Princess collectors mini master sword replica. Comes with a CD too. Only 5000 were made worldwide Like new, just displayed in box- Make an offer

Bioshock EVE HYPO replica $16

Bioshock 2 Art book $30

Bioshock 2 Record $20

I also have a Japanese Phantom Hourglass Link Plushie, Mario plushie, and a gooba plushie I can provide pics for if requested. Looking for $15 for Link and $5 for the others each.

Sailor Moon Pretty faced doll with wand $15
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Luna Phone with cards and mirror $20
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